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At an early age Pamela loved to read, her local bookmobile introducing her to the wonderful world of books. Pamela went on to work in libraries and now she is writing books. I was very happy to be asked to read and review her book Damaged and also in the pipeline is an interview with Pamela – so be sure to keep an eye out for it. A guest post will also be up very shortly.

In the meantime please visit Pamela’s author profile by clicking here where you will find links to her website, info about her book Damaged and a link to her Goodreads profile.

And to get the ball rolling here is a little bit of background on Pamela from her website:

I was born in Ontario, Canada, the youngest child of two immigrants. My mother emigrated from East Germany after World War II. My British father was hired to work as an engineer on the ill-fated Avro Arrow project.

At the age of two, my family moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Growing up by the ocean has shaped my life, and has, in turn, shaped my writing. I attended the University of King’s College, where I took the Foundation Year Program, studying the greatest works of Western Civilization. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in English Literature. Following that, I studied law and was admitted to the Nova Scotia Bar. I’ve always had an interest in public policy, so I returned to university to complete a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

I then worked as a strategy consultant for an international consulting firm, travelling all over North America. When I had my first child, my local office closed. I decided to stay home with my young family, a period in my life for which I am very grateful. It also gave me an opportunity to exhume an old passion: writing.

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I am excited to announce that I have an interview on the horizon with Australian author Joanne Ellis. Her book Spoilt is due to be released shortly and once I have read that I am sure I will have some great questions for Joanne to answer.

Please click here to visit Joanne’s author profile on my website.

Congratulations on winning Night Reading’s competition, Joanne!

The latest (and fourth) winner of the Night Reading ‘First Chapter of the Month’ competition is the Australian writer Joanne Ellis who built up a substantial lead in the May / June poll with the first chapter of her serial killer-thriller ‘Spoilt’ which is due to be published by Night Reading / Publishing in late June or early July 2010.

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I’m very happy to annouce coming up in a few weeks will be an interview with Teresa Geering, author of The Eye of Erasmus. In the meantime please get to know Teresa a little by visiting her author profile on my website by clicking here. Teresa has also kindly agreed to do a guest post for me so make sure you keep your eyes open for what should be a great post.

And a little something from Teresa’s website to get you started:

My name is Teresa Geering; I grew up in Hastings and was tutored by nuns in a convent.

I spent many days walking barefoot for miles – through choice. (Think hippy and you wont be far wrong.

I then went to Orpington near London in my teens. This is where I met my first husband but the outskirts of London was in my blood and we moved to the South East of England – farming country with wellies provided! I then married a second time, had a son and became a stay-at-home mum.

I then worked and continue to work as a volunteer for Kent Police.

It was in my quieter moments as I sat in my garden sipping wine one balmy summer evening that I started to write and completed a trilogy of books for young adults set in a fantasy time travelling world.

All three books were completed within the year.

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After the publication of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand Helen Simonson has been very busy, attending book tours, promoting her work, all of the things that go with hopefully becoming a best seller. So far this book has been a hit and fans of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand are wondering when Helen Simonson will publish another book.

It is my pleasure to announce that in August Helen will be allowing me to interview her so watch this spot!

At the moment Helen is preparing for a trip to Europe; a much welcomed vacation after quite a busy period and also for some research…….hm, I wonder what will come of this 😉

In the meantime please click here to go to Helen’s profile on my website where you will find links to the blurb of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, my review, Helen’s website, her Goodreads profile and a link to purchase the book.

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Jon Renaud is the author of Dereliction of Duty and I am very happy to announce I have an interview coming up with Jon in the not too distant future. Once I have received and read Dereliction of Duty the interview process will begin. So be on the look out for my interview with Jon and review of his book.

Thank you to Jon for contacting me and I must say I look very much forward to working with you!

Here is a little about Jon to wet the whistle:

Jon Renaud is a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer and former CID Special Agent who earned two Bronze Stars for tours in Iraq in 2003 and 2005. During his tenure as a CID Agent, Jon led Counter Narcotics Teams, worked on high profile Homicide Cases, served as the Special Agent in Charge of a Detainee Abuse Task Force and had assignments on the protection details of the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the Commander of Forces in Iraq. After serving 20 years in the U.S. Army, Jon now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Please check out Jon’s profile on my site which will lead you to links for the blurb of Dereliction of Duty, his website and where you can purchase his book – you can even request a signed copy via his website!

Click here to go to Jon’s author profile

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It is very much my pleasure to announce I have an upcoming interview with David Simpson in the making. David is the author of Post-Human, a book I just finished this morning and thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Please check out David’s author profile by clicking here

At this link you will find the blurb of Post-Human, a link to David’s website, a link to David’s Goodreads profile and a link to purchase Post-Human.

In the near future I will be adding my interview with David and also my review of Post-Human.


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I am very happy to have another interview lined up for the near future, we shall be getting to know the author Carrie King before too long and once I have read her book The Life in the Wood with Joni-Pip an interview will follow and I will post it for you all to read.

In the meantime I give you the following to read over:

Writer, Carrie King’s Idyllic Life came to an abrupt end in April 2000, when her husband and childhood sweetheart was killed in a horrific accident at work.

Carrie says,

“When my husband died, I died too……I didn’t know how to breathe without him.”

She felt she would never write another creative word or paint another creative stroke again.

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